Open Island Collective (OIC)

We are a group of 4 working in the fields of graphic design, visual art, printmaking, coding, furniture design and woodworking. As a collective based on Samsø we imagine to run a screen printing workshop, a permaculture garden, a cultural exchange program in the form of an artist residency and exhibition space. From here we will initiate projects like book and printmaking residencies, workshops, concerts, a summer school program, a festival….
Our vision is to create an open cultural and contemporary platform on the island, where local people as well as national and international guests will meet, work together and share knowledge, practices and ideas.


Johann Kauth (*1984 in Flensburg, Germany)

Johann is educated as a graphic designer from Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole in Randers, Denmark and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Furthermore he holds a Master of Printmaking from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium. Apart from his own work as a graphic designer and artist he is active as a publisher of print and sound editions. He has organized countless concerts, festivals and exhibitions in a wide context of visual art, improvised and electronic music. Currently he is part of artist initiative Forbidden City in Antwerp, which hosts exhibitions primarily featuring young upcoming artists.


Hannah Giese (*1983 in Traunstein, Germany)

Hannah is educated as a cultural and social worker from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, NL, as well as Master of Fine Arts specialised in sculpture from Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerpen, Belgium. She has worked on many projects with various organisations within theatre production and art mediation for children and young adults. Her own work finds shape in screen prints, textile- and installation art. Besides she works as a cook and has experience in the gastronmic field, organization of concerts and exhibitions. Hannah and Johann together share a screen printing studio.


Caspar Leander Andresen (*1986 in Kassel, Germany)

Caspar has studied history with a focus on nordic history and post-colonialism at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and Malmö Högskola in Sweden. After his studies he exchanged the writing desk with the joiner’s bench and started at the carpenter school KTS in Copenhagen. Since then he has worked as a selfemployed furniture maker in Berlin. Apart from practising the craft of furniture design he has cofounded Utopian Union, a platform which gives space for non-institutional learning, cross-discipline exchange and socio-political activism through workshops, excursions and lectures.


Tea Palmelund (*1986 in Århus, Denmark)

Tea is educated in visual communication from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design in Copenhagen. She has since relocated to Berlin, where she works as graphic designer and programmer within the cultural field. Furthermore she has a practice as digital artist where she works with video, 3D animation, print, textile and coding. She has initiated various art projects and group exhibitions. Beyond her visual work she has together with Caspar and others co-founded Utopian Union.

OIC is founded by Hannah Giese, Johann Kauth, Tea Palmelund & Caspar Leander Andresen.